Saturday, February 20, 2010

Review: Overnight

Overnight (2004)
Directed by Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith
Starring Troy Duffy

In 1997, a virtually unknown bartender from Boston managed to sell his script, The Boondock Saints, to Miramax, hungover and in overalls, and got a real cushy deal from it. Overnight, he became the talk of Tinseltown. "How'd he do it?" is a common question to the surprise success of the man with no experience in film.

Overnight chronicles Duffy's rise. But it's not all smiles and sunshine in this movie, as matter of fact, Miramax axes Duffy and the film, and Duffy has to fend for himself now, and the rest of this movie chronicles his ego-driven fall. The film shows Duffy as he negotiates his way in the cutthroat world of film so he can make his movie. He does, with half the budget of the Miramax deal and gets an incredibly limited release. The film does become a (questionable) cult classic on DVD, but Duffy received no royalty payments from it until recently.

Overnight isn't the best documentary. It's a little confusing in the beginning but once you understand everything that goes around it's a entertaining watch, as we see Duffy make outrageous claims (such as claiming that "Harvey Weinstien is afraid of me".), insult film students, and becoming outright paranoid (he was involved in a hit and run; he believed that Weinstein was involved and subsequently locked himself in his apartment and armed himself to the teeth). The documentary is a great on how egos can destroy people in Hollywood. The film is not only a message from Duffy's friends to him, but it should be viewed by any young filmmaker who wants to make it in Hollywood.

However, while at the end Overnight, it seems that Duffy may have lost, he may have the last laugh: Miramax has gone under, Weinstien's new company isn't doing too well, and he finally made the sequel to Boondock Saints last year, making a modest gross despite horrible reviews. It seems that Duffy learned his lesson.


3 out of 4 Stars

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