Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Name change

So, I changed the name for a third time. Reason, well, I never liked Komar's Views, and I couldn't think of a good title. Tonight I was driving around, and I thought about how nobody really reads this blog, unless it's one of my friends being pushed into doing so by me. So, it was between Your Opinion Doesn't Matter or My Opinion Doesn't Matter. I asked a friend which one he liked more, and he picked Your. And he's right; it's funnier and ironic. I'm a very passive aggressive guy. I don't like to be part of flame wars. I'm a rare appeaser on the internet. So I figured that this title would work best cause I'm generally a nice guy, and I don't care if you criticize me, but hell, why not make my title a complete douchebag troll title. So enjoy (if you do read this) and enjoy this new era of my blog.


Katie said...

it is a better name

M. Komar said...

Katie, you don't understand how happy I am that you commented on this lol.