Thursday, August 20, 2009

Avatar Teaser Trailer Review

So there's this hubbub over the film called Avatar. You know that one where James Cameron has been working on for 12 years and it's expected to cost $300 million. Of course, the media blitz is rather brilliantly constructed, using only rumors and Cameron's heady explanations for his intents for the film .

Of course the fanboys will crap their pants over this trailer, but since I am not a fan boy, looking at the hype with much skepticism, I found the new trailer, to be well, silly. Sure the animation does look pretty, but it looks more like a glorified video game than say, uber-realistic animation that was being talked about. The blue rabbit looking avatars look like Cameron is trying to appeal those bizzare Furries, than say the movie going public. Finally It looks pretentious to boot. Cameron doesn't has me excited. Okay guys, who wants to see A Serious Man?

I wonder Jean-Luc Godard has to say about Avatar. Here's a trailer for his 1965 sci-fi classic, Alphaville, shot with no budget, no special effects and in short period of time:

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