Friday, July 3, 2009

The Feelies at Maxwell's, 7/2/09

Now if you don't remember, I saw the Feelies, OGs of indie to say the least, way back on New Years with Yo La Tengo. This time it was a slightly more intimate experience, because well, I have connections. I am friends with Katie Demeski (you can read her rarely updated blog here), daughter of Feelies stickman, Stanley Demeski.

That's the view of the city from Hoboken. Nice isn't it? I digress....

as the picture on the top suggests, the Feelies played in legendary venue Maxwell's in Hoboken. The Feelies played there several times in the 80s, and even had their reunion shows there last year.

Because of said connections, I got to see the Feelies do their sound check. The highlight: Percussionist Dave "from the band" Weckerman singing "Billie Jean" with Glenn Mercer. It's sorta fullfilled my wish of seeing the band play "Thriller" while my friend, Liebold moonwalks away. Unfortunatly, I do not have video of the rendition, but I have video of the band doing "Forces at Work" from their classic debut Crazy Rhythms.

The dude with camera is part of Bill Million's kid's filming efforts. Apparently, he is interested in making movies, like yours truly.

I then ate dinner with the Demeski's and my friends Dan and Liebold showed up. We joked and had some fun, and while originally being intimated by Stan Demeski, he turns out to be a really nice guy. He paid for my Atomic Burger, by the way. Suck it, Pitchfork.

The bad began their first set, a short one, with some of their lesser known songs and some new ones.

One of the new song's involved a keyboard, and Rich Barnes backs them up. He's Brenda Sauter's husband and plays for Wild Carnation. (Yeah I didn't know who he was originally, I was just trolling Katie; Originally I was all worried that I didn't know who he was :3). I saw him milling around during sound check and all. Anyways, a sweet song from the group, and hopefully will this pave way for a new album? Suck it, Pixies.

Yep, that's Bill Million taking up the role of Dave Weckerman for "The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness", the opening track off Crazy Rhythms. The second set had more of their well known songs, like my favortie "Away" and "Raised Eyebrows".

Brenda Sauter rocks on the guitar during "Perpetual Nervousness" instead of her usual bass playing duties.

Dave "Percussion Guy" Weckerman showing us why he is the hardest working man in show buisness.

Glenn Mercer launches into a ferocious guitar solo during the show.

Bill follows through...

...and Papa Demeski keeps up the beat on the drums, a vital part of the Feelies attack.

I'll throw in another Dave photo just for size.

The show was great as the Feelies were just as tight and jovial as they were on that New Year's Eve show. I had loads of fun with sound check, dinner and some hanging out after the show. Me and Katie talked about the foods from Central Europe and when I left, as usual, the New York skyline was truly epic on the from this side of the Hudson. I should have taken a photo.

Well, hopefully if all goes well, I will be at the next Feelies show when they come around this are again. It's always a definite fun time, and you should come out too. Get off your arse's and support good music!

Look how young they were!

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