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Dirty Projectors at the Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn - 7/19/09

Lord, am I lazy! It's been pretty much a week since I went to the JellyNYC's free show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, seeing Crystal Antlers, Magnolia Electric Co., and Brooklyn mainstays, Dirty Projectors, in a homecoming of sorts since David Longstreth and co., released the excellent Bitte Orca earlier this year. Accompanying me were friends from college (well, one of them really), Evan and Esha. It would provide for a rather leisurely afternoon baking in the Williamsburg sun.

The Manhattan skyline from the park. A wonderful backdrop for the concert, as it would definitely provide some cool pics during the show.

Damn.... the always timeless Empire State Building.

I didn't know seaplanes weren't localized in Alaska.

The perpetual dancing man at the show. He danced to every act without a loss of breath. He was pretty damn entertaining.

Crystal Antlers opened the show. They released their debut, Antlers earlier this year, with my pretty much meh response to it. They put on entertaining show, especially from their percussionist/mascot in the back over there. He probably graduated from the Bob Nastanovich School of Band Mascoting.

Pay attention, keyboard lady!

Some shreddin'

And the Michael Jackson shirt come out....

That's my creation right there, based on the greatest inside joke ever. I hope Sven Peltonen doesn't know about what I'm doing.

Between Crystal Antlers and Magnolia Electric Co., we chilled around the place, and drew on the Converse made available to draw on. Here are some of the notable ones.

A little blasphemy for today. Thankfully no lightning bolts came crashing down that day.

My friend Esha drawing her's and Evan entry into the show drawing thingy.

Now on the stage was Magnolia Electric Co., one of the projects that Jason Molina is behind (the other is Songs: Ohia), their latest album was released earlier this week in fact. However, I wasn't too thrilled by their performance. My friends stayed back at first, so I decided to go look for them while they played. However, they weren't there and I sorta got lost and started wandering around the place. I did catch them thankfully. The band was somewhat thankful for their appearance today, and I guess they should have thanking us because they didn't really move the crowd.

Even the Dancing Man couldn't get into the music.

The crowd started to pile on before Dirty Projectors were slated to play. Good thing we got close to the stage.

Yes, that is David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors.

Dave and one of the groups vocalists, Angel Deradoorian, start the set with "Two Doves" from Bitte Orca.

Afterwards, the whole group comes out to play a set mostly filled with tunes from Bitte Orca and Rise Above, which re-iminagined Black Flag's classic Damaged. The afro-beat meets indie was a pleasant and chill mix with the rather pleasant weather with it's light breeze's coupled with the clouds blocking out the sun made it for one very enjoyable set.

The drummer was as good as he was on the album.

Saint Amber of Brooklyn.

Dave without his guitar as he sings "Knotty Pine" sans David Byrne during the encore.

And that was the show, with a great job from the Dirty Projectors turning it into one big dance party, though the crowd could have done more to get into the show, as I was.

The crowd after the show.

This couple snapped some photos of the crowd, so I did the same to them.

More of the crowd as they wandered through Williamsburg. Some dude tried photobombing me. I would have let him if he had only waited.

Try and spot me in the crowd!

Well, it was a fun show, and I was really glad I went. Alas, thanks to this, work and the Abe Vigoda show, I got really tired, and it showed for the rest of the week as I slothed it up at my home. Hopefully when I go to the Deerhunter/Dan Deacon/No Age show next week, it will be as fun as it was that day. Well, I will see you guys later.

The highlight of the show; "Stillness is the Move".

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