Monday, July 20, 2009

Abe Vigoda at the Whitney

Hello, once again, Matt K is here with a live report, this time it's Cali Tropical Punk band Abe Vigoda playing at the Whitney Museum, for FREE! Yes, it was a free show at the Whitney, and last week I missed out on Jersey stalwarts Titus Andronicus, and I didn't want to be dissapointed twice, so I come to see Abe Vigoda, who made one of 2008's finest album's Skeleton, and this year's Reviver EP.

In this appropriately blurry photo, the band opening were Brooklyn based group, Grooms, formerly known as the Muggabears. They dealt in woozy, shoegaze-esque jams and their performance was okay, but they put some soul into it. The lead guitarist cut his finger playing and the drummer would bash the shit out of the drums, loosing drumsticks mid-performance.

The sorta hot bass player from Grooms doing some vocal effects on their final songs. Good luck from this budding band.

Before I get into the Abe Vigoda set, I must add about the level of surrelity this show had. First, former MTV News anchor, John Norris was in the crowd, and before the set, chatted away with guitarist Juan Valezquez. Also, a film professor from my school, Montclair State, was in attendence, but it could have been for other reasons; She is an experimental filmmaker and there was a Dan Graham exhibit at the museum and I doubt she likes tuneful noise, just noise. Finally, there was a strange looking man, who looked liked Milton from Office Space to say the least.

Michael Vidal putting his heart and soul into the performance. You should have seen the sweat puddles.

Abe Vigoda played songs from their new EP, and their previous album, none from their hard to get debut Kid City.

The songs from the new EP, specifically "Don't Lie" and "House" were great live with the band adding loads of intensity to the new songs. Songs from Skeleton were also great live, even if the band didn't have their much loved drummer, Reggie Guerrero, providing back, but Charlie Bucket look-a-like Dane Chadwick, doing a competent job of banging the cowbell and keeping the tempo up.

more blurry pics:

Yes, at the bottom of Vidal's feet is called sweat.

Abe Vigoda played later that night at the cake shop, but I couldn't make it because I live in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and didn't want to get home at 2am in the morning.

Awesome show from the guys, and the beginning of a grueling weekend for me. Abe Vigoda show first, then work Saturday, and finally seeing the Dirty Projectors at the Jelly Pool Parties in Brooklyn (pics of those coming up soon!)

Now, enjoy some Abe Vigoda at the Cake Shop:

Abe Vigoda // Skeleton from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

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