Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time for some RAGE!!!

Ladies and Gents, this isn't a post about Rage Against the Machine, but about a Class-A D-bag. Now don't get me wrong, Giuseppe Rossi is a fine player and a true talent, and even if he may playing for Italy, snubbing the United States, the country of his birth, that's not what I'm totally mad at.

Okay, a lesson on some soccer ethics. Many times in soccer history, many players have showed respect for the country of their birth or their former team. Some have merely not celebrated when scoring (like Lukas Podolski against Poland) or in some cases, crying like a baby (like Bautista scoring against his former team Fiorentina).

And what does Rossi do? He celebrates. Twice. This is the country of his birth. He was born and raised here. He was friends with Danny freaking Szetela, for Christ's sake. And the kid celebrates as if he scored against Brazil in the World Cup final. My God, at least show some respect, you pampered ass.

Expect to hear some "Tratior" chants the next time the USA face Italy, Rossi. We're gonna try so hard to make you cry.

He's also probably gonna get some stares from Jozy Altidore, since they both are on Villareal.

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