Monday, June 15, 2009

Sad News Everyone... New Order break-up finally confirmed

Even after when Peter Hook left the band, it seemed that New Order would move on. Well, it turns out the New Order name is no more ending a near 30 year run. The Peter Hook-less New Order will now move-on as Bad Lieutenant, with Blur bassist Alex James (please don't pull a Rowntree).

It's sad news for New Order fans because this a group that have been through tough times every which way. First Ian Curtis hanged himself when they were Joy Division, then they briefly broke up in the mid-90s, and now this. It's litrelly the end of an instituion that transformed music in the 80's with their excellent dance tracks. In honor of New Order end, let's look back at some of New Order's finest songs.

1981 - "Ceremony"

Written by Ian Curtis, New Order still sounded like Joy Division, but it was their first moment in the sun. Despite it's painful tone, it showed that New Order could carry on even if Ian Curtis was dead.

1983 -"Blue Monday"

The most obvious one to grace the list, "Blue Monday" is their most iconic single and added a little darkness to the synths and make up obessed 80's. With a drum and cryptic lyrics, New Order made a song that was balls out revolutionary and they group finally managed to find their own sound.
Fun Fact: "Blue Monday" is the best selling 12 inch single of all time.

1983 - "Confusion"

Inspired by the New York dance scene at the time, Confusion is a paranoid dance epic and one of New Order's signature songs with hard beats and a crazy hook.

1985 - "The Perfect Kiss"

An outstanding song from their 1985 album "Low Life", is another epic from them. The high point: the intense build up in the middle with powerful synths after a quite lull. Also, this 10 minute version ain't too bad either.

1986 - "Bizarre Love Triangle"

Arguably their greatest song, "Bizarre Love Triangle" is also one of the best song ever made. With it's painful lyrics and beautiful intstrumentation, it's no wonder why "Bizarre Love Triangle" has been covered many times.

1987 - "True Faith"

Another classic track, this is New Order's higest charting single, coming in at No.5 in England. The best part about this song is that it's a relativly subtle song. It's not bombastic or anything like that but beautifully simple.

1987 - "Touched by the Hand of God"

Though it rumored to be about Diego Maradona's Hand of God goal in the 1986 World Cup against England or about masturbation, it's more likely about Bernard Sumner's failing marraige. I must say, if you want to break up with someone, write a song like this.

1989 - "Round & Round"

New Order obviously fit in to the "Madchester" scene of the late 80s. They're from Manchester. They were part owners of The Hacienda night club. And it doesn't hurt to be one of the 80s best dance music artists. So New Order know a thing or two about things like this.

1993 - "Regret"

Ignore the Hoff in this music video, and enjoy New Order as they easily fit into the 90s pop. Sure Grunge was big and britpop was rising, but New Order were still New Order and they know what to do.

2001 - "Crystal"

New Order entered their final decade and the 21st century with this slick and sexy song from the rather fine album Get Ready. While not their final song, it's the last truly great New Order song.

Sure, New Order may be more, but we still have Bad Liuetenant to look foward to. Then again, we the memories.

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