Monday, June 22, 2009

In support of the Green Revolution

Now I haven't usually been entirely political on this blog, to say the least, my political views aren't focal point on this site. I won't going into the details on who I vote for or what political ideology I lean toward to, but there's no denying that protesters in Iran need support, even if we can't really reach them. However, the Internet has become a vital form of communication for the protesters, showing us the terror in the streets. In honor and support of the bravery of these political dissidents, I will be changing the color of blog to green for the time being, and until some sort of end to the conflict ends. Hopefully we can learn from the protestors about the meaning of true democracy, that it can be manipulated, and that simply doing nothing will never work (If you're assuming right now that I like Glenn Beck, you are dearly mistaken). The Green Revolution will be on my radar for a long time now. Have a nice day.

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