Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Morning...

I can't sleep right now, and I just saw the new, crazy music video for "Summertime Clothes". Just to note, one of my pet peeves is hearing people saying, they are going to high to them. Now I'm not being a prude about this, but it annoys me when people put AC under "drug music" when lyrically and thematically they are not. Try and convince yourself that "My Girls" is about drugs. Do it. I dare you.

However, this music video is not helping out the cause. Well, whatever.

So obviously I was happy to read in the very pretty magazine Filter that people misconstrue their lyrics. Also, get a copy of Filter if you can. It's a beautifully made magazine and AC are on the cover right now.

Right now I'm listening to St. Vincent's cute but creepy Actor, and that reminds me, I should finish up on my batch of short reviews and I have a review of Phoenix's Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. All right, good morning guys....

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