Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things to check out for in 2009: Music Edition

Before the year ends, I would like to unveil the 10 things to check out for in the year 2009. It looks like it's gonna be awesome year compared to the craptacular 2008. Enjoy.

Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Comes out Jan 20, in the USA

Easily the most anticipated album in the indie world right now, the hype for the oddball group's eighth album has reached fever pitch. Accidental leaks, and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox speculating that an email sent out by Deakin was a fake, sent out by a hacker. When was the last time you saw an indie album get this kind of hype. By the way, on the basis of music, Strawberry Jam kicked some ass, so hopefully AC can only improve with this one.

Franz Ferdinand
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
Comes out January 26

After making the always sexy Franz fans wait for an unsexy 3 1/2 years, the sexy boys from fabulously sexy Glaswegian group's new sexy album (with sexy album artwork) drops on the usually unsexy date of January 29th, and thus making the sexiest day in the soon to be sexy 2009. The sexy singles "Lucid Dreams" and "Ulysess" are making the long wait worthwhile, for what appears to be a sexy good album. (This just in: the word sexy is offcially not sexy anymore)

Bruce Springsteen
Working on a Dream
Comes out January 27th

The Boss is back with a vengence after 2007's acclaimed Magic. Bruce is coming off much support of Barack Obama's win with the aptly titled Working on a Dream. Expect the usual fist-pumping, working man's anthems and kick-ass vocals as mastered by the Boss. Unlike most aging rockers, the Boss is aging gracefully, both physically and musically. So don't expect an album full of dredge and rewrites like many veteran rockers have put in recent years.

Year of Refusal
Comes out Febuary 16

Despite the rather baffling album cover (watch where you put that hand, buddy), Morrissey is back and continues his rennisiance with Years Refusal. Morrissey, being the classic enigmatic figure, continues to have those mysterious meanings and symbols. What does the baby mean? What does he mean by years of refusal? What is his workout regiment? How does he keep that pompadour up? Anyways, 2009 is summing up to be a good year for depressed shy boys, and crazy Latino fanboys.

No Line on the Horizon
Comes out March 3rd

Everyone's Bomb high has worn off, and those douchy photos of Bono surfaced. Gotta let it out though.

Possible Radiohead album

Am I fucking with you? No, I'm not. I swear I saw it somewhere on some site with some news source, but the talk about the new album mysteriously disappeared. However, if a new album does drop, it will most likely kick much ass. Now if they only did that thing they did for In Rainbows...

New Wilco Album

Wilco have been working on a new album, according to Rolling Stone. Don't know much about the content of the songs, but hopefully they bring out the manliness they forgot about in 2007's Sky Blue Sky, which they duefully delievered in the live album, Kicking Television.

New Kanye Album

After the noble failure of 808's & Heartbreak, Kanye promises us with some of his regular clubbangers next year. He just had to get it out. I understand what you did Kanye. It was rather brave of you.

Blur Reunion

Yeah, we know that already. Let's just hope it ain't a one of gig, and they come to America to play. I'll be there.

51st Grammy nomination

I know what you're thinking: "Don't the Grammy's usually suck?" Well this year's ceremony is proving to be it's most diverse selection, and the standards are famously low for the Grammy's. Radiohead and Lil' Wayne vying for album of the year? Shiaaaaaaaaaaat, son.

New Guns 'n' Roses album


Have a very spectacular New Year! I'm gonan see Yo La Tengo and the Feelies tomorrow night. I'll do one on movies soon! I promise!

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