Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's get a little serious here

It has been 4 years since my freshman year, and the last controversial thing had happened at my high school, Old Bridge High School, were the bomb threats. The bomb threats were something that my class could relate to, as we stood outside of the cold in early January, and other times during that year. Then there was a period of dormancy on the controversy front, and then the school began to exude with unprecedented pride starting last year. Around February of that school year, a teacher i used to have that freshman year allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with one of her students. If rumors are true, then I knew the guy and he was in some of my classes last year.

I am totally shocked at what happened at my school. I am not going to discuss the ethics behind this, as we will let our judicial system sort this out. However, I will show my sympathy to both parties in the ordeal, as now they are both going through a horrible time right now. I wish them all the luck in coping with this thing, and these people need their privacy right now.

I also hope that the school will somehow get past this, and move on. I may have not liked the school, but there are people who do like it.

This is rather sad, and I hope we all move on.

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