Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Laziness..... Again. Review on the Run: "Wall-E"

Laziness, Work, and The Dark Knight have stalled my progress. I haven't even given myself time to enjoy movies. The only movies I have seen in the last month have been Wall-E, Three Colors: White, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, and I have rewatched Terminator 2. So here's my review on the run.

Wall-E ***1/2

Though dwarfed by Ratatouille, Wall-E will delight the kids, and the adults will like the reference to the Iraq War, and other references. The animation is once again amazing and you will not be disappointed. A slight nod to silent comedies and the movies Wall-E loves. Good fun.

I promise you I will write a Batman Begins review in preparation for The Dark Knight.

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