Sunday, May 25, 2008

What the Fuck? "The Class" is the Pamle D'or winner?

Seriously, The Class? A movie about a young teacher dealing with a tough classroom? Dude, I don't know how it is in France, but every week in the USA we get a movie about teacher dealing with crazy shit. Maybe it's because it was the only film that put a smile on Cannes faces. I mean some of the films were depressing. But still, it's a French version of an inspirational story of a teacher who reaches ghetto-ass kids. Seriously, how much artsier did Blindness had to be to win? Did the Dardennes Brothers had to do back flips to get their third. Che didn't come out for you? How bout the crazy animation of Waltz with Bashir? Clint fucking Eastwood, proving to be an awesome director again, and you didn't give him the award? And to add to this, Jury President Sean Penn made a contradictory statement saying that Cannes should be the opposite of the Oscars, who, according to him, reward the "consummate art of manipulation and good marketing." Dude, you won an Oscar, and The Class is something we Americans can pull out of a wealthy Jewish man's ass. Cannes, you got me down.

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