Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Film Fest that's not as big

Today, me and the guys from TV production went on a trip to the Student Arts Festival over at Middlesex County College. The day started out with an argument led by obese critic Matt Hahn about viewing movies at right theaters. He pulls in Rob Mannanice in his furious rage and would not let go. However, we were trapped on a bus full of naive freshmen, the trip was awesome. We viewed videos from fellow TV students. I must say Monroe Township had some really good videos. One of them involved a jock being on choir, and it was done in a cliched, rise and fall, type music movies. One of the kids from Monroe, however, was a character. When we first heard him speak. We thought, "This can't be, this has to be a joke". Well, it was no joke. The kid talked like if he was a female version of Woody Allen. As Pat Cyckowski said, "He should loosen the vice grip on his nuts". Right on, brother. That kid made me miss our school's sorry excuse of a lifeform, Jeremy Chazen (and the word of the day was, "Gelatinous" or "Gelatin") But watching videos from our, and other schools, was a delight. Unfortunately, Mr. Reed should of told us to send in some of our productions, instead of Justin Ho's (no offense to him; his was good). All in all, it was good trip, and hope to go to one of these again sometime soon.

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