Saturday, April 12, 2008

New features

I've decided to have new features for this blog. So far I've decided on a "Classics" features, where I focus on the classic films, such as The Godfather and 8 1/2, a "Modern Classics" feature focus on great film from 1990 - onwards. I'll also do a "Director Profile", short bios and analysis of directors. Occasionally I'll do some special features, such as previews, awards show picks, tributes, and whenever I do something film related, I'll report on it. So far I'm working on a "Modern Classic" feature on City of God.

See ya later.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tribute: Charlton Heston

Legendary actor Charlton Heston died on Saturday. He was 84. Now one may look at his political life, as he began as one of the most liberal actors in Hollywood during the 50's and 60's, then made a switch to conservatism in the early 80's, eventually becoming the NRA President in 1998. It's a strange change, but this is not a blog to comment on the political leanings of deceased actors. This is here to honor an actor who left an undeniable print on the Hollywood landscape.

Heston will never be forgotten as he has starred in several iconic movies, and uttered iconic lines in this gritty, lock jawed manner.



Yeah, you know those lines, and only Heston could speak those words.

Heston will never escape our conscience, because Heston has become a part of everyday American culture. Every time there's an Easter/Passover weekend, The Ten Commandments will play, and you watch as he makes Moses a badass. You watch as he badasses his way through Ben-Hur, Planet of the Apes and The Omega Man. Charlton rewrote the book on being an action hero. But unlike today's action hero, you knew you could not mess with him.

Charlton will be remembered for two things; his politics and his acting career. It's better to look at his acting career, because hopefully it will never be forgotten. He was not only an action hero, but a great actor. You and I both know that at some point, we'll all try a gruff voice and speak a line from one of his movies. Rest in Peace, Charlton.