Friday, March 21, 2008

Matt Komar's Review of "The Bank Job"

The Bank Job
My Rating: ***
Directed by Roger Donaldson
Written by Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, George McIndoe and Aaron Shuster
Starring Jason Statham

What does a car dealer, an ex-model, a porn star, a photographer, a WWII vet and a man from Cyprus have in common? No, they didn't make the greatest porno ever. Supposedly they robbed a bank and disappeared without a trace, leaving only their walking talkie conversations. Now The Bank Job isn't totally based on fact. Or is it? Apparently the screenplay is based on the testimony of informants and others whose names have been changed for safety reasons. Then again, even if it isn't true, The Bank Job is one hell of a thrill ride. Jason Statham is Terry, a failing car dealer living in the East End of London. Almost every day his cars get smashed by goons from a local loan shark and life sucks for him. Then an old partner in crime, Martine (played by the alluring Saffron Burrows), pays a visit and offers Terry a job to do. Rob a local bank whose alarm system is going to be turned off for a week to be repaired. Terry and his chums join in on the idea, but what they don't know is Martine is paying a due for the government. She uses the bank robbery to recover incriminating photos of a member of the Royal Family, taken by a radical activist named Micheal X. I will only tell you this much about the plot as this film has many twists and turns that it would be a crime to spoil. The film is a rollicking adventure that makes your day fun and you want more. A good ensemble cast (Mind you, Jason Statham is not just some karate guy; he can act), quick pacing of the script, and fluid direction make The Bank Job worth your trip to the multiplex. This is good, unclean fun.

Did they really exist? Wait until 2054 to find out.

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